How to wire a Wii Nunchuck to your Arduino Mega, without cutting the cord

A short post on how to wire your Nunchuck without cutting the cord! My breadboard wires just fit inside the small holes of the nunchuck connector, see image below. Although there are 5 holes, you only have to use the four holes on the corners.

Wiring is as follows:

  • Green is I2C Data, goes to pin 20 on an Arduino Mega
  • Yellow is I2C Clock, goes to pin 21 on an Arduino Mega
  • Orange is +5V (or actually +3.3V, but +5V seems to work…)
  • White is ground

Use the code at to interface you nunchuck without cutting the cord. Have fun!


Delta Robot using Wii and Arduino

Welcome to our new blog. Here we want to give back some of our ideas, in exchange for all great ideas other people share.

A couple of weeks ago I saw the delta robot for the first time (by mjcbruin at , and it seemed like a nice project to learn coding Arduino, play with servos and make something which is also appealing to non techies. See the video below for the result:


Short video of Deltabot, see that the robot moves in a flat plane

This delta robot is different from the one from let’s make robots because it uses a proper XYZ spacing. In the movie you can see the platform moves in a flat plane. All calculations are done inside the Arduino, based on the code mzavatzky at

Also the robot is controlled by a Wii Nunchuck. Pitch controls movement on the Z axis, the joystick controls X and Y. See for the code used to read out the Wii Nunchuck.

All code is available on pastebin: